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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are these shoes made?

Each manufacturer has several certified factories around the globe.  Naturino and Falcotto are primarily manufactured in Serbia.  Biomecanics and Garvalin primarily in Spain.  

Why should babies wear crib shoes?

Although it is important to leave a babies feet bare as much as possible to develop their tactile skills, it is also helpful to have a soft, flexible shoe that mimics the human foot which also serves in protecting them.

Why Leather?

Leather is naturally porous and allows for feet to breathe all while allowing for a natural and soft movement of the feet.

How fast do kids shoe sizes change?

Children grow quickly and their feet grow an average of 2 or 3 sizes each year.

How to determine the right size?

It is best to measure a foot at the end of the day as the foot is subject to a type of structural relaxation which causes the foot to lengthen a little.  The younger one is the more difference millimeters make in the correct size.  Using an appropriate measuring tool measure each foot while the child is standing.  It is recommended for the exact size to be worn by the child as a shoe that is too big for future growth can be detrimental to the child development of their proper gait.

How does the material of the outer sole affect the way a shoe performs?

Providing an anti slip sole is crucial to developing confidence in the early walkers.  Materials such Gum rubber and EVA provide the anti slip properties necessary without adding unnecessary weight.

Can shoes be recycled?

Yes, you can bring in you child’s gently worn shoes and we will restore them and donate them to a child in need within our community.

Can shoes be washed in the washing machine?

Even though technology has evolved, subjecting a well-crafted pair of shoes to the rigorous experience of machine washing is not recommended.

How can I clean my shoes?

Depending on the material of the upper, apply the correct cream or balm to remove any dirt and avoid applying a protective coatings as it will remove the breathability properties.  Typically, using a fine concentration of soap and water on the soles is appropriate.

Can shoes go in the dryer?

Simply put, no they cannot.  Heat is not a friend and it will drastically shorten the lifespan of your footwear.

Laces or Velcro?

The ease of Velcro is extremely appealing and provides not only the parent with less headaches but also the early walker as they look to build their confidence in placing on their own shoes.  With that said, there is simply no replacing the support and fit that laces provide in footwear.