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The correct fit

10 Jan 2023
by Luis R.

The first question we should tackle is "why" is the correct fit important in a child's footwear.  Some of the top reasons experts agree on is because the correct fit will:

  • Allow the foot to expand in all the right areas
  • Provide support where needed
  • Stimulate the proper development of the child's gait
  • Build confidence with no unnecessary movement of the foot 

Signs to look for when a shoe fits correctly:

  • Secure heel placement, with little movement
  • Ample room in the toe box with room for toes to expand (When feeling the toe box and their toes there should be no more room than half a thumb)
  • Height of shoe sits comfortably around the child's foot 
  • The shoe flexes in the correct places with the toes 

How to accurately measure a child's foot:

  • The best option is to use the "Brannock" device to measure a child's foot including their length and width
  • This is best accomplished during a "thermal" fitting, which is generally when the child has already had a busy day and the foot is completely distended.
  • The child should be standing and bare foot when being measured
  • When a child is not old enough to stand, using a flexible and soft measuring tape is appropriate.  Measuring from the heel to the longest toe.

What size should you purchase:

  • You should always start with the size they measure, especially with quality makes of shoes
  • Encourage try ons to look for evidence that it fits well as indicated above.

Should you have any questions and or wish to schedule a consultation with one of our experts, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


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