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Kids’ Shoe Sizing FAQs Answered by Experts

24 Oct 2022
by BreezMaxWeb

Size Chart for Children's Shoes

If you want to buy the right size of kids' shoes, a size chart will be your best friend. This will allow you to convert shoe sizes between US, UK, and European systems. However, the conversions will depend on the brand and style. So it's best to consult the size chart for your child before buying any new footwear.


However, remember that kids grow quickly! Choosing the right size is important, so your child doesn't get blisters from wearing shoes that are fitted improperly.


If you are shopping for a pair of shoes for your child, you will need to check the size chart. While most charts are easy to understand, there may be confusion over metric/imperial conversions. To ensure that you buy the right size for your child, you should measure the heel and the longest toe of the shoe.


How to Measure Your Child's Foot

There are two methods for measuring a child's foot. One way is using a sheet of paper with a line perpendicular to the wall. The child should stand up with their feet facing forward and place the heel of one foot against the wall. Then, place a ruler at the end of the longest toe and measure from the edge of the paper to this line. In both cases, the foot measurement should be taken in centimetres, not inches.


How to Check If Your Child’s Shoe Fits

If you're buying a pair of kids' shoes for your child, you should know how to check if they fit correctly. You should be able to see your child's toes and feel the heel grip. It probably isn't right if it's too tight or too loose. The top part of the shoe should also fit snugly without causing discomfort. The insole should be at the same level as your child's foot.


How to Determine If a Shoe is Too Deep

A child's shoe should fit the foot shape perfectly. The width should be wide enough for the foot and deep enough to avoid causing any irritation. The depth should be such that the fabric ruffles slightly in the front. If it does, it is likely too deep. The shoe's depth is too deep if you can't feel a ripple in the fabric. It should fit snugly but not cause irritation.


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